Tarrana Fund

TARRANA Fund SICAV plc is a collective investment scheme organised as a multi fund public limited liability investment company with variable share capital. The Company is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a Professional Investor Fund in the form of an Umbrella Fund whose Funds shall be available to Qualifying Investors.

  • We are international fund management company with a focus on positive expected returns across all market conditions.
  • Our aim is to create a fund generating premium returns while diluting the risk by taking into account the larger context of global markets, geo-politics and economic developments and trends.
  • The key personnel offers excellent skills in managing private equity projects, asset allocation and risk management.
  • The core of the investment philosophy is the ownership of productive assets, which are key to wealth creation and capital preservation over the long term.

Risk Management

We define risk as permanent loss of capital, not short-term volatility. Open communication and integrity are vital for successful risk management.

Why Us

The member of an Investment Committee Peter Balint manages a fund that was nominated for Eurohedge Awards 2016 in London as the best new fund. Eurohedge Awards is the most prestigious and most respected award in the European hedge fund sector. Peter has developed a world-class investment strategy and now the fund faces the best of the best in Europe.

  • Peter Balint (Portfolio Manager) and Mark Cachia (Adviser) each over 15 years experience investing in an institutional setting.
  • Credible principals with extensive experience in Financial Markets (1994) and Alternative Investment Industry (2000) managing large institutional portfolios.
  • Robust risk managment – clearly defined parameters controlled in real time.
  • Active portfolio management to deliver positive returns during all market conditions.
  • Long term focus.

Important Information

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