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Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

Martin Hantabal is a results driven executive director with almost 25 years of progressive experience. Since 2003, when he founded and built WBA Holding, he serves as Chairman and shareholder of the said group of approximately 25 Slovak and 7 foreign companies acting in the areas of business consulting, management services, real estate, investments, health care and social care. Apart from his engagements at WBA Holding, Martin serves as CEO at Business Serving Limited, a Malta based company providing a wide range of corporate services, including consultancy, company formation and administration, strategic management and tax compliance.


Member of the Board of Directors

Marek Morgenstern is an executive director and businessman with a proven executive management track record in corporate services and property
development sector. Since 2003, when he co-founded WBA Holding, he’s been a shareholder of the said group of approximately 25 Slovak and 7 foreign companies acting in the fields of business consulting, management services, real estate, investments, health care and social care. With his sharp business-oriented mind, Marek is the driving force of the numerous successful projects undertaken within the WBA Holding. He is the founder and CEO of WBA, a.s. and WBA Property Development, s.r.o.. Marek currently also serves on the  upervisory board of DPD Services, which caters for management of the network of residential homes for senior citizens. Prior to his activities within WBA Holding, Marek served as founder and CEO of an advisory company World Business Association, a market leader in the management of international holding structures and virtual offices.

Peter KRET

Member of the Board of Directors

A highly accomplished senior accounting and financial management executive. He has been working in the financial services sector for over 15 years. Since 2012 he serves as CFO at WBA Holding, where he’s responsible for the financial management of approximately 25 Slovak and 7 foreign companies within the group. His previous work experience includes executive positions in the pharmaceutical and energy sectors. Prior to his appointment at WBA Holding, Peter occupied for 2 years the position of CFO & Board member and CEO & Chairman of the Board at Bratislavská teplárenská, a.s., a heating company in Slovakia. Before that, Peter worked for more than 8 years for Ratiopharm Group, the EU’s leading generics brand. He held positions of CFO for Slovakia and Russia, as well as Strategic Project manager for CEE & CIS.


Portfolio Manager

Peter Balint has been working in the finance industry since 2000. He serves as a CIO at Infinity Capital, o. c.p., a.s. andthe head of the Investment Committee of the Infinity Capital SICAV plc. He is a co-founder of Infinity Capital, o. c.p., a.s., where he previously served as a CEO and a portfolio manager over the last 5 years. Prior to that, Peter had been working for 10 years at Erste Group Bank AG in Vienna where he started as a trainee in the Capital Markets division. He worked at the Asset/Liability Management, Trading and Alternative Investments departments.


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